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Clothes Moth

Clothes Moth control

The clothes moth has a complete lifecycle, consisting of egg – larva – pupa – adult.

The entire lifecycle of the clothes moth (egg to adult) is between two to six months depending on environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, food, etc.)

During her lifetime the female moth lays several hundreds of small white eggs (1 mm in size) and. The eggs are laid in cracks and grooves in dark places near food sources (closets, attics, basements, etc.).

Larvae hatch from the eggs and feed on fabrics that are in their surroundings and serve as a food source and as raw material for the construction of the pupa later on in the lifecycle. It is important to note that adult clothes moths do not cause damage to fabrics, it is the larvae that do all the damage. The only natural function of the adult moths is to breed and they are ready for this job from the moment they hatch from the pupae.

The larvae feed on clothes and are drawn to areas of clothes stained by food, beverages or various body fluids (sweat, urine, etc.).

After the larvae have fed enough and reach a certain size they disconnect from the food source (your favorite shirt…) and look for some crack in which they turn into pupae until they evolve into adult moths.

The adult moths hatch from the pupae prefer dark places just like the larvae and will avoid bright areas. Therefore, it is recommended to leave your closet doors open from time to time to disturb the moths and inhibit their development, and perhaps even prevent their stay in your closet.

In order to properly exterminate clothes moths and prevent the need for repeated extermination, you should wash all clothes that are in the infected closet; what cannot be washed should be exposed to sun light.

After that, the entire closet should be treated with a combination of two pesticides: Pyrethroid and IGR before returning the treated clothes back in their place.

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