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Using Pesticides

Using Pesticides

Using Pesticides

here are some things you should check before risking your health and that of those around you

Every day I meet clients who use household pesticides or stuff they got from a friend or some exterminator because they’ve known each other for years, and other such stories.

When I ask these clients if they bothered to read the instructions and safety precautions, or if the person who gave them the pesticide made sure to tell them how to use it, in what quantity and dilution, where should it be applied, safeguards, and so on, the response is usually “no, they just gave it to me…”.

Therefore, for any of you who got some “anonymous” pesticide with no guidance, here are some things you should check before risking your health and that of those around you:

1. Reading the label – You should not use pesticides, even household pesticides that are sold in the supermarket, without reading the label that is legally required to be on the container. The label  pestmust include the type of pesticide, how it should be used, what are the necessary precautions and, of course, if you dont know how using pesticdes do do it/

Elad Uri, Agronomist and Certified Exterminator


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