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Leg Bites

If you are bitten a lot, especially in the legs from the knees and down, most chances are that you have fleas in your home and you are serving as a nutritious blood meal for fleas that came to your home and found in it a good place to stay.

Many of you are probably wondering “I do not have any pets in at home, what are fleas doing here?” Well, I’ll explain.

Fleas feed on blood, and we often see them on the cat or dog. Many times people associate the presence of a pet with fleas. While this is a logical connection and often there are fleas in a house where there is a pet, but it is important to note that fleas feed on the blood of dogs, cats, birds and humans as well, and therefore fleas could also be in homes that do not have pets because after all, your blood is just as good as the dog’s.

Then comes the second question, “If I have no pets, how did the fleas get to my house?”

Well, fleas often get into a yard of a building or house by catching a ride on stray cats or dogs who have wandered into the yard and left a not so pleasant surprise – fleas.

In many cases I handled the fleas came after a stray cat has given birth to a litter of kittens in the yard. This is a very common thing in the streets of Tel Aviv, where you can find buildings with dozens of cats that are fed by one of the tenants who takes care of feeding them but does not bother with treating them for fleas (by using powders or drops intended for veterinary care).

Now that the fleas are already in your yard / garden / entrance to your building, or even in the stairwell, it is enough that one member of the household walks through the yard and the fleas will sense him and immediately jump on his legs. Some will fall along the way and some will enter the home with him and take their portion of blood and begin to reproduce.

Now comes the third and final question, “what do we do?”

Well the answer in this case is twofold:

  1. What do you do?

    You have to vacuum all the beds, couches and carpets and prepare the house for pest control. This means moving all the toys, clothes and shoes from the floor so that the exterminator can spray the entire floor area of with pesticides.

  1. What does the exterminator do?

    The exterminator will spray the entire floor area to until each and every tile is soaked with pesticide containing two active substances, Pyrethroid and IGR (Insect Growth Regulator)

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